Cleaning and Sterilizing Incubators

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> I am looking for some new ideas with regards to cleaning cell culture
> incubators.  I have used rocal followed by a thorough wash with 70%
> ethanol in the past, but the lab I am currently working in does not
> use rocal.  Will a washing with a regular non-caustic cleaner followed
> by a wash with 70% ethanol be good enough to rid the incubator of
> fungal and bacterial contaminations?  Thanks!
Of course nothing should grow in an incubator other then what you want to 
grow in dishes, flasks, or whatever.  But I never thought that the insides 
of an incubator would be sterile (apart from what's inside the dishes, 
flasks, etc).  The room in which the incubator stands isn't sterile, and 
the air in it probably isn't either.  So why would you have to sterilize 
the walls and shelves of an incubator?

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