Antibody binding to nonpermeabilized cells

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> I am interested in calculating the ratio of intracellular and
> extracellular GFP-tagged protein in primary neurons. I am trying to
> demonstrate that perturbation of posttranslational modification affects
> extracellular/intracellular sublocalization. I was wondering if
> immunnostaining for transfected neurons with an anti-GFP antibody

Could be done. The easier way is to work with a non-membranepermeable  
fluorescence quencher (iodide, acrylamide or the like). The fluorescence  
of extracellular GFP would be quenched, that of intracellular GFP not, the  
ratio of fluorescence with/without quencher is, under appropriate  
conditions, equal to the ratio of intracellular / total GFP.


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