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Am 21.11.2007, 11:40 Uhr, schrieb Peter Henriksen <peterh from>:

> I am trying to design an experiment in which I will need to make  
> protein-protein crosslinks but not DNA-protein crosslinks in living  
> cells.

The most simple chemistry to use would be those reagents that cross-link  
SH groups.

The best source for info is probably the Molecular Probes catalogue If that is insufficient, try

         AUTHOR= {R.L. Lundblad},
         TITLE= {Chemical reagents for protein modification},
         YEAR= {2005},
         PUBLISHER= {CRC Press},
         ADDRESS= {Boca Raton},
         EDITION= {3},
         ISBN= {0-8493-1983-8},
         PRICE= {129.95 US\$},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}

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