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On 9/30/07, WS <novalidaddress from> wrote:
> Well, you judge a student who never has been asking a´for anything
> here before and send him home because of one question you do not like?
> I would not want to be a student in your lab. Don't know where you're
> from, but Germany is not looking that good. We had 10% unemployment
> rate here recently (before they doctored the figures by changing the
> rules how to calculate them).
> Wolfgang
> On Sep 30, 2:37 pm, "corona" <custo... from> wrote:
> > > Dear Corona,
> >
> > > I can understand your anger about unprepared students, but your
> > > unreflected and racist attitude disqualifies you as a leader.
> >
> > Who are you to judge me if I qualify to be a leader? Germany is looking
> > good.

hi Corona,
ay ay ... I think I'd tend to agree with Wolfgang.... although, I understand
your angst as well...Frankly, there are far too many Ph.Ds than there are
jobs .... and again, too many people as well, everyone just wanting to do
something worthwhile with their lives....... so why not a Ph.D?
and again, in the least one can admire the efforts of J Renuka to learn
something, a certain curiosity (a lot of folks do'nt even have
that).....perhaps beginning with the art of being specific .......and I
could go on and on, as to how this very specificity sometimes eludes the
best of us!

again, this is a forum to give information, I understand, not to chide
someone for their lack of it.


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