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On 9/30/07, WS <novalidaddress from> wrote:
> Well, you judge a student who never has been asking a´for anything
> here before and send him home because of one question you do not like?
> I would not want to be a student in your lab. Don't know where you're
> from, but Germany is not looking that good. We had 10% unemployment
> rate here recently (before they doctored the figures by changing the
> rules how to calculate them).
> Wolfgang
> On Sep 30, 2:37 pm, "corona" <custo... from> wrote:
> > > Dear Corona,
> >
> > > I can understand your anger about unprepared students, but your
> > > unreflected and racist attitude disqualifies you as a leader.
> >
> > Who are you to judge me if I qualify to be a leader? Germany is looking
> > good.
>hi Corona,
>ay ay ... I think I'd tend to agree with Wolfgang.... although, I 
>your angst as well...Frankly, there are far too many Ph.Ds than there are
>jobs .... and again, too many people as well, everyone just wanting to do
>something worthwhile with their lives....... so why not a Ph.D?
>and again, in the least one can admire the efforts of J Renuka to learn
>something, a certain curiosity (a lot of folks do'nt even have
>that).....perhaps beginning with the art of being specific .......and I
>could go on and on, as to how this very specificity sometimes eludes the
>best of us!
>again, this is a forum to give information, I understand, not to chide
>someone for their lack of it.

Well said Pow.
There really is no need for responses like Corona's, which border on 
The original poster may have been a little lazy, or lost, generally 
clueless... It's the beginning of the academic year, probably he/she has 
just started... and may be feeling a little disoriented. I wouldn't think 
that's the end of the world.
A good scientist, in my opinion, is not defined only by their science, but 
also by their ability as a teacher/mentor to junior lab members. Corona's 
attitude (at least the way it transpired from his initial response and some 
of the follow-ups) is very far from what's desired from somebody who may 
train/help train others. I presume this is what Wolfgang meant with not 
being qualified as a leader. At least I read it that way, and that's the way 
I think too.


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