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There's no reason not to be courteous, I'm sorry. An enquiry posted to 
a forum that serves precisely as a place to make such enquiries 
shouldn't be met with such an unhelpful and downright rude response.

Whilst I agree with you that many people seem to be clueless (tell me 
about it, I just got a new MSc student...), being rude is not 
appropriate. It has nothing to do with political correctedness. It's 
just simple manners, that's all.

When I am facing a guy who has problems figuring out how much agarose 
he needs to make 50ml of a 0.8% gel (real situation, yes, some people 
are that clueless, worryingly) I'd rather point them in teh right 
direction and hopefully enabling them to do well. You've got to be 
stern, you've got to tell them they have to put some more effort 
sometimes... but there's no need to be rude.

I derive a lot more pleasure from seeing them progress and reach a 
good standard, than from putting them down and showing them how much 
better than them I am...
I'm glad I am not the only one feeling this way.


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Hi there....

Couldn't help but notice the issue that arose from Corona's response 
to the plant extraction protocol inquiry.
To be honest, I think there are many people in Science or at least 
biological sciences, that have no clue why they are there.  Sometimes 
the only way of letting them know that they're actually very much 
clueless is in that way, despite political incorrectness or lack of 
tact.  When you're facing the music in a meeting or a defense, there's 
no such thing as poliitical correctness or tacts, not even feelings.

So if this person is offended by this type of comment, probably won't 
last in this business....



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On 9/30/07, WS <novalidaddress from> wrote:
> Well, you judge a student who never has been asking a´for anything
> here before and send him home because of one question you do not 
> like?
> I would not want to be a student in your lab. Don't know where 
> you're
> from, but Germany is not looking that good. We had 10% unemployment
> rate here recently (before they doctored the figures by changing the
> rules how to calculate them).
> Wolfgang
> On Sep 30, 2:37 pm, "corona" <custo... from> wrote:
> > > Dear Corona,
> >
> > > I can understand your anger about unprepared students, but your
> > > unreflected and racist attitude disqualifies you as a leader.
> >
> > Who are you to judge me if I qualify to be a leader? Germany is 
> > looking
> > good.
>hi Corona,
>ay ay ... I think I'd tend to agree with Wolfgang.... although, I
>your angst as well...Frankly, there are far too many Ph.Ds than there 
>jobs .... and again, too many people as well, everyone just wanting 
>to do
>something worthwhile with their lives....... so why not a Ph.D?
>and again, in the least one can admire the efforts of J Renuka to 
>something, a certain curiosity (a lot of folks do'nt even have
>that).....perhaps beginning with the art of being specific .......and 
>could go on and on, as to how this very specificity sometimes eludes 
>best of us!
>again, this is a forum to give information, I understand, not to 
>someone for their lack of it.

Well said Pow.
There really is no need for responses like Corona's, which border on
The original poster may have been a little lazy, or lost, generally
clueless... It's the beginning of the academic year, probably he/she 
just started... and may be feeling a little disoriented. I wouldn't 
that's the end of the world.
A good scientist, in my opinion, is not defined only by their science, 
also by their ability as a teacher/mentor to junior lab members. 
attitude (at least the way it transpired from his initial response and 
of the follow-ups) is very far from what's desired from somebody who 
train/help train others. I presume this is what Wolfgang meant with 
being qualified as a leader. At least I read it that way, and that's 
the way
I think too.


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