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1. what do you want to extract? is it a protein, DNA, organic compounds, 
organelles. ????
2. What do you want to do with it once it is outside of the cabbage or 
broccoli, and into the solution????

plant material like this can be ground in a blender with buffer of your 
choice, depending on the two questions above. it can be ground to a fine 
powder in liquid nitrogen with a mortar and pestle, and subsequently 
processed with buffer.

If this is a new project in your lab and no one knows anything about it. 
here is the sequence a beginning PhD student should follow,
1. do a literature search through pubmed (, or simply 
Google it
2. read, and read some more, (remember library also)
3. don't be shy to go to another lab if they do this type of thing at your 
institution. most people will be happy to share their expertise with you
4. if you decide to come to the net for help, respect other peoples' time 
and be concise and to the point.

lastly, don't be discouraged with some of the remarks, but it would be a 
mistake to think that you can bypass doing your homework by getting answers 
on the net.


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> Dear friends
> I am a Ph.D student in Biotechnology.
> I am planning to extract plant constituents fromm cabbage and broccoli
> I want to have guidance in the process of extraction
> Please guide me in this aspect
> J.Renuka

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