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Thu Oct 4 06:29:58 EST 2007

> Dear all students and teachers (Scientists)
> Whatever is asked, answered and subsequently commented upon is
> pitiable. Asking such a basic question by student tells about his
> unpreparedness or level of understanding. but still he must be a MSc
> or PhD student. If he is so unprepared how is he a student of this
> level- The fault lies with the education system and we are part of it.

Agree. The education system in india is not up to international standard.

> The student has only dared to ask a question using this e-facility so
> that his job is simplified. We are not in bussiness but in a
> profession.

Disagree. Science is not all pure research but also practical. Intellectual 
property gained from research spin off many new businesses that allow 
research to continue. We can't always rely on the government for research 

>If one does not likes a question he should not respond in
> a foolish manner by telling his own standard. Try to contribute for
> bringingout good students- otherwise it will kill science and
> scientists as well.

Disagree. Encouraging students to post silly questions and expecting the 
public to hand-feed them is in my opinion foolish.

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