qPCR 2007 Event - FREE downloads of all talks and posters

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qPCR 2007 Event - FREE downloads of all talks and posters

Dear researcher,
Dear Gene Quantification page reader,

Our newsletter informs about the latest news in quantitative real-time
PCR (qPCR and qRT-PCR), which are compiled and summarised on the Gene
Quantification homepage. The focus of this newsletter issue is:

- Download the talk PDFs from the qPCR 2007 Event
- qPCR application workshop in autumn in Germany
- qPCR Symposium USA in October/November 2007


qPCR 2007

Download  =>  qPCR 2007 Symposium Proceedings   ISBN-13:

Download  =>  qPCR 2007 Talks and Posters  (now available)

Link to the qPCR 2007 Event homepage:   http://qpcr2007.gene-quantification.info/
3rd International qPCR Symposium & Application Workshop in Freising -
Weihenstephan 2007


Download the talks and poster presentations from previous qPCR

- qPCR 2004 Event downloads

- qPCR 2005 Event downloads

- Leipzig 2005 Meeting downloads


TALKS Update of the qPCR Talk and Webinar page

A lot of interesting TALKs, WEBINARs, SLIDE SHOWs, and PODCASTs from
various speakers, biotec companies, qPCR Events, and international
journals (Nature and Science) are FREE for download. Have a look and
you will definitely something interesting for your scientific work !




Protocols online is a resource for protocols, including authoritative,
peer-reviewed 'protocols and an interactive network.

NEW  => qPCR and Molecular Biology - Discussion Forums


Upcoming Events World-wide academic and commercial qPCR Events

Symposia, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Online-Seminars,
qPCR Education Program, ...etc...
Please submit your qPCR event here  =>  events from gene-


qPCR Symposium USA

Symposium Focus:
Markers, Stem Cells, Single Cell, siRNA, miRNA, Diagnostics, Immuno-
qPCR, Expression Profiling,
Poster Presentation, Workshops in qPCR



TATAA Biocenter Germany - qPCR Application workshops

At the TATAA Biocenter Germany we offer qPCR application workshops,
the 3-day Core Module and a 2-day Biostatistics Module.  qPCR courses
are held in regularly in Göteborg, Sweden, in English and in Freising-
Weihenstephan, Germany, in German and English, and in Prague, Czech
Republic in English and Czech.
Depending on the occasion the workshop language and the different
prices may apply. Further customized workshops and specialized
trainings will be held as well across Europe and world-wide. TATAA
Biocenter Germany courses are held in cooperation with the Institute
of Physiology, located at the Technical University of Munich, in
Freising-Weihenstephan, near Munich, very close to the Munich Airport
(MUC). For more information and to register for the qPCR application
workshops, please see our web page:  http://tataa.gene-quantification.info/

Course Occasions 2007 and 2008:
3-day qPCR Core Module  (Mon. - Wed.)    and     2-day BioStatistics
Module (Thu. - Fri.)

*   26 - 30th November 2007 (in Freising, Germany, Kurs wird in
DEUTSCH gehalten, German language)
*   3rd - 7th March 2008  (in Freising, Germany, English language)
*   5 - 9th May 2008 (in Freising, Germany, Kurs wird in DEUTSCH
gehalten, German language)
*   7 - 11th July 2008  (in Freising, Germany, English language)

Please register here  =>  http://www.tataa.com/Courses/Courses.html


Forward Please send the qPCR NEWS to further scientists and friends
who are interested in qPCR !

Best regards,

Michael W. Pfaffl
responsible Editor of the Gene Quantification Pages


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