Topoisomerase I

Alexandre Chaumet via (by achaumet from
Tue Oct 16 10:12:17 EST 2007

>>>Dear Dr Straub,
>>>I have read your article "The RNA-splicing 
>>>factor PSF/p54 controls DNA-topoisomerase I 
>>>activity by a direct interaction ". PSF and 
>>>topoisomerase I are interesting for me because 
>>>they both have been shown by an affinity 
>>>chromatography method at the lab that they 
>>>interact with the protein that I study .
>>>To confirm this interaction and to know which 
>>>one of them is interacting directly with my 
>>>protein I would need a plasmid  containing the 
>>>sequence of topoisomerase I (I alreaday have a 
>>>PSF construction) as a pGex or  EGFP (FRET, 
>>>GST pulldown experiment) plasmid or others...
>>>If you have some, could you send me a plasmid 
>>>with the sequence of topoisomerase I ?
>>>thank you very much.
>>>Alexandre Chaumet
>>>Alexandre Chaumet
>>>Laboratoire de Biochimie Cellulaire
>>>Bat C, 5ème étage, case courrier 265
>>>9 Quai St Bernard
>>>75252 Paris Cedex 05
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