Antibody production- anyone know a good company?

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> I had great experience with Harlan Bioproducts for Science.
> In rabbits though. Not sure if they do guinea pigs but the company's 
> main focus is laboratory animals, so I'd be surprised if they cannot 
> inject your antigen into guinea pigs.
> Things I liked:
> - They follow the immunization protocol *I* specified (including a 
> choice of adjuvant), not some generic thing. For example, they 
> extended the course for one more months, allowing us to get more high 
> titer bleeds. The yield of terminal bleed was also very good, 
> indicating careful job collecting every last bit of blood from poor 
> dead rabbit.
> - All bleeds had low hemoglobin content - again indicating careful 
> work.
> - They allow to screen pre-immune sera (from 5 animals per single 
> immunization - you pick a particular animal showing least amount of 
> "non-specific" reactions prior to immunization). Very few places do 
> that.
> - The price was nearly twice less than from "big houses" advertizing 
> antibody production in scientific journals.
> - Good customer service, can get through directly to technicians who 
> actually do the thing.
> That was 5+ years ago; hope things did not change since.
> DK
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I've used Harlan recently (with rabbits) and have been overall pleased.
I think they will do Guinea Pigs- check their web site. They will
provide pre-immune bleeds for testing. These used to be free (at least I
wasn't charged several years ago for this), but now they do charge a
small fee for this (I think I paid $10 per for them). On the flip side,
they held a rabbit I wanted for a few weeks with no charge.

Also, you might want to check on shipping and dry ice charges. These can
end up being rather high, so you should factor that into cost


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