Novagen pET-CBD systems?

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*A Note on the Sequences*
The numbering system of the pET vectors is based on that of pBR322, from
which all of these vectors are derived. The sequences are given in the same
orientation as the pBR322 sequence, but note that this is the
*opposite*orientation of the the cloning/expression region detail
maps. This should be
apparent from the counter-clockwise orientation of the T7 promoter on the
circle maps.

Most of the vector sequences are provided in GenBank format, with
significant features indicated. To convert the sequence into other formats,
first select the sequence and copy (Command-C on Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows).
Next, click here <> to open the NIH
ReadSeq web page in a new window. Paste the sequence into the input field
(Command-V on Mac or Ctrl-V on PC), choose your favorite format from the
dropdown menu, and hit the "submit" button.

of any help???


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> Hello.
> Did you ever find a source for the pET 34b vector?
> Thanks!
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