inhibitet PCR reaction

Omar Hamarsheh via (by ohamarsheh from
Wed Oct 31 09:48:49 EST 2007

Dear Colleges,

I am working with ITS1 PCR using Leishmania DNA samples extracted from
filter papers, the samples where originated from skin scraping and
contain blood. I used inhibitor control for each sample . few samples
were worked and gave positive. most of the others show no PCR bands,
the inhibition control sho also no band which mean that there is an
inhibition of the PCR reaction probably caused from something in
I would like to ask colleges who are working with clinical samples if
they have an inhibitted PCR reaction what could be done in this

thanks alot in advance for any help or suggestion.

Omar Hamarsheh

Charite school of Medicine
Dorotheenstr. 96
10117 Berlin

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