protein concentration and desalting

Ozan Aygun via (by metugenetics from
Fri Sep 7 18:22:50 EST 2007


I would suggest you to use Strataclean beads from the
Stratagene. For a little volume you will need very
little beads. You can concentrate proteins on these
beads while desalting them. I used this to analyze a
protein purification that was present in 2 M salt
condition in the eluate. After using these beads I was
able to load the concentrated proteins into SDS-PAGE
without any obvious precipitation. Elution to solution
by a low pH buffer should also be possible.

Some new generation membrane-based filters can aslo
help you. (You should check centricon and similar
companies' products)

Moreover, if your sample volume is ~2-3ml there are
very good dialysis systems from the Pierce which you
can desalt your sample before concentrating in
relatively mild conditions.

I hope these may be any help, good luck !


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