SilverQuest Troubleshooting

Arne Christensen via (by arnec from
Thu Sep 20 10:10:09 EST 2007

I'm using the SilverQuest Silver Stain kit and I'm reproducibly 
having a curious problem.

I run the staining protocol one time, and get a negative stain of 
protein bands.  Protein is not overloaded, this will be made clear 
later.  The two bands that do stain however, are the 75 and 25 kDa 
prestained (only two bands stained pink) molecular weight markers.

Because the staining does not work, I destain with sodium 

When I follow the same protocol a second time, the staining works 
great.  No negative stain, suggesting that the protein was not 
overloaded.  All markers stain well.  This has been the case 4 times.

Has anybody had a similar problem, or is familiar enough with the 
chemistry of silver staining to recognize the problem?



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