Photo printer for gel documentation

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Wed Sep 26 16:50:04 EST 2007

Hi Ed,

sometimes you may get the thermal printer you desire on ebay for quite
cheap money - if your institute's buying policy has a way to refund
you the money you have spent. But as you probably already have a means
of grabbing the image by software, why not just save the image as a
file? Thermal prints usually look beatiful, but they are not very
stable, if you leave them in the sun for some time e.g. or expose them
to laboratory air. When it's really necessary to have a good printout,
I'd recommend printing it on a good (color!) laser printer like the
Xerox Phaser. That's what I do when I need convincing images for a
grant etc. Maybe that means to run to the graphics department

All the best,


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