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Sat Sep 29 15:43:22 EST 2007

Dear Corona,

I can understand your anger about unprepared students, but your
unreflected and racist attitude disqualifies you as a leader.

Our dear friend really might be too lazy for looking up the things by
himself. Then he will be sent back to where he came from sooner or
later and maybe has to open up a DVD shop there in order to survive.

The other possibilities why he was asking his question here (at least
he found *the right* NG *^_^*) make me worry a bit more:

a) in university, nobody taught him until how to start to solve a
scientific problem and where to get the necessary information from
b) his supervisor is too busy / does not want to spend time / does not
care to teach his student
c) his labmates (if there are any) either.

Best regards,


> Hi friend,
> This is what you do. Quit your PhD and return to India. Open up a curry or
> DVD shop.
> Good luck.

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