Coated plates for fluorescence imaging of baculovirus-infected insect cells?

Mike Autry via (by jma from
Tue Apr 1 18:37:06 EST 2008


Which coating is best to keep baculovirus-infected insect cells adhered to microscope plates: poly-lysine, integrin, laminin, etc? Any recommendations on plate type and vendor availability?

I have a major problem doing FRET microscopy on Sf21 insect cells infected with recombinant AcNPV baculoviruses:  following infection, the Sf21 cells detach from the glass microscope plate and roll around, especially when I change filter cubes (donor, acceptor, FRET dichroics) during photobleaching experiments.

I am expressing ER membrane proteins tagged with cyan and yellow fluorescent proteins (CFP, YFP).


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