LNA transfection!

Andreas Ploner via methods%40net.bio.net (by Andreas.Ploner from i-med.ac.at)
Wed Apr 2 06:36:48 EST 2008

Hi everyone!
I've got a problem, maybe one of can help me. I want to transfect Locked 
nucleic acids (LNAs) into 293T cells. HAs anyone of you expereince with LNA 
transfection and whch transfection reagent do you use? Most publication use 

At the moment im using Metafectene (www.biontex.com). At the moment it seems 
that knock down somehow works, but I can't find out easily how efficient 
LNAs get transfected- so I'd need some transfection reagent to comapre it 

Thanks for your answers!


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