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 run 20% gel 4w around 10 hours, but the ladder is diffused, I mean the
band is really wide"(
did it happen to you?
if you run under very low watage, it is easy to diffuse.

On 4/27/08, Haviland, David L <David.L.Haviland from> wrote:
> The reasons you cite is exactly why I always ran my gels on constant amps
> rather than volts.   For a 10% SDS-PAGE I could start it at 5 pm and by 9 am
> the next morning it was about 3 cm from the bottom.   Even during the day I
> never ran them above 25 mA without some form of cooling else they'd "smile"
> and make interpretation a bit problematic.    In my hands, slower was always
> better.
> David
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> Dear all,
> I got a question about PAGE electrophoresis gel to confirm.
> When we mention that proper volts condition for running a gel is around
> 20V/cm.
> For eample, my gel is 20 cm, which means that proper Volts is ~400V? Am I
> right?
> If the volts is toooo high, the gel might toooo hot to get good
> resolution,
> right?
> Thx a lot!!!!
> Frances
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