Stopping Taq

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Mon Aug 4 12:40:09 EST 2008


I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, it requires  
some synthesis, but maybe it will give you an idea:

Chemistry Letters
Vol. 37 (2008) , No. 6 p.584	
Site-selective Termination of DNA Replication by Using a Caged Template
Keita Tanaka, Akinori Kuzuya and Makoto Komiyama

Barbara MacGregor

> is there a way how one can make the DNA polymerase (ordinary Taq
> should do, no proofreading activity is desired) stop within a sequence
> introduced by a synthetic primer? I thought of something like several
> sugar building blocks without any base attached or a modified base
> which is so bulky that the pol must stop and slip off.
> The modified position does not need to align to the parent DNA strand
> as it may be placed in a loop. It just should be able to be
> synthesized with standard phosphoramidite technology.
> Many thanks for sharing your thoughts,
> Wo

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