Info abt Antibody against Nuclear and cytoplasmic fraction

Itisam Sarangi via (by itisam.sarangi from
Wed Aug 6 04:34:29 EST 2008

hi all,
I recently did a nuclear protein isolation from cultured cells. After
western blot I can see my protein in nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions in
equal concentration.
So just to check the if there is any contamination of cytoplasmic protein in
my nuclear fraction, I am interested to check them aganist an antibody. This
antibody should be against a specific nuclear protein and should be present
in every cell.
I would appreciate any help in this case.
 If someone can suggest any antibody that can detect only a cytoplasmic
protein also.

If any one has a good established protocol for nuclear protein isolation
please  send me the link.

thanking you for ur help

Itisam Sarangi

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