Counterstain for AEC AND BCIP/NBT

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> > Hi,
> > I want to do immunohistochemistry detecting two targets at the same
> > time. For various reasons I am going to use AEC as substrate for HRP
> > and BCIP/NBT as AP substrate. Now I am looking for a good
> > counterstain. Because of the AEC the counterstain has to work with an
> > aqueous embedding medium.
> > Has anybody a good idea? Thank you very much for your help in advance,
> Intercalating DNA stains are commonly used to mark nuclei: bisbenzimide,  
> DAPI, Propidium iodide and a host of proprietary dyes (check the Molecular  
> Probes catalogue).

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Maybe I forgot to mention
that I am looking for a chromogenic counterstain that can be
visualized by light microscopy!

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