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Shahrzad Jalali via (by shahrzadjalali from
Fri Dec 19 09:55:47 EST 2008

To whom it may concern,

I am from U of Toronto and have recently joined to your group. Had some
problems in dissolving a compound and was wondering if I can get any
suggestion from the expert people.

I have to do i.p. injections to the rats and the compound of interest is src
kinase inhibitor PP1. As I got the
information from the literature, it has been mentioned in several papers
that this material is dissolved in DMSO and further diluted in the PBS prior
to the injection to rats.
In the data sheet of the company it is also mentioned that this material
should be dissolved in DMSO (25 mg/ml). Each vial  had 5mg in it, I
initially added 200ul of DMSO to that and completely dissolve it by
pipetting up and down, but when I added PBS (as indicated in the papers),
all the compound was precipitated and I got just a colloidal solution. The
company did not have any suggestion, as they told that it is hydrophobic
material. I don't know how the papers have done that. On the other hand I
have to dilute it in PBS because injecting DMSO to the rats has other
effects which can interfere with my experimental plan. I should mention that
heating the compound up to 37C for several hours and its repetitive
agitation did not help this compound go to the solution.

I would appreciate if anybody can give  suggestion in this regard and
urgently waiting for the nswer,

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