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>>Hi, I need the plasmid map or sequence (i prefer the sequence) of the
>>plasmid pT81-Luc. It is a Luciferase reporter plasmid with a minimal
>>thymidine kinase promoter. I already tried ATCC, entrez, google and I
>>didn't find neither the map nor the sequence. All I found was a
>>reference to a paper from 1988.
> ATCC sells the vector (cat. # 37584) - maybe write them asking for 
> a deposited sequence. Alternatively, ask the depositor: 
> Steven Nordeen, Steve.Nordeen from - maybe he still 
> has the sequence somewhere on floppy disk :-)

My recollection is that Nordeen constructed his plasmids as derivatives
of pSVL (de Wet et al., MCB 7:725, 1987).  The details of construction are
described in Nordeen's Biotechniques paper (6:454, 1988).

I have reconstructed a sequence for pSVL - which I would be happy to 
email you.  Using it, and Nordeen's construction details, it should be
relatively simple to reconstruct the sequence of pT81luc.

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