How to prepare 1M H2O2 using 30% hydrogen peroxide?

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Dear Lao,

that's the real issue. All your assumptions may be true.

IMHO is is *absolutely* necessary to specify m/v (mass/volume), m/m or
v/v. It even makes a difference if you (in this case rather
hypothetically as solid H2O2 does not exist [at least for a long
time]) mix 300 ml of H2O2 and 700ml of water, put 300 ml H2O2 in a
beaker and add water up to 1liter or vice versa. Does not make always
a real difference in the outcome of an experiment, but when you need
to troubleshoot a protocol or reproduce an experiment, this kind of
things will drive you nuts. There is nothing like a 'common sense' on
how to make procentual solutions. If possible, always state molar
contents, therefore.

All the best,


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> *Thanks for your help!*
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> *30% H2O2 is 300g/L? or 300L/L or 300g/g?*
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> *Some of my colleagues have different suggestions.*
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> *Thank you!*
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> *Lao WANG*

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