Induction of apoptosis

Yulia Shifrin via (by yulia24 from
Tue Feb 5 15:26:14 EST 2008

I've started doing some apoptosis studies recently, and it is a completely
new field for me. I need a quick and easy way to induce apoptosis in 293 HEK
cells as a positive control (I'm going to do annexin V staining on them). A
time frame for my experiment will be only 4 hours, therefore I need a
reagent that will make most of my cells annexin-positive fast. I've tried
thapsigargin, but it works only after a prolonged exposure. I know that
exposure to ethanol and peroxide may promote apoptosis, but i can't find a
detailed protocol for that. Can you please offer a piece of advise for me?
Thank you in advance.

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