Media left at 37 C O/N?

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We are usually advised not to leave the media in the water bath for long.  However considering we grow our cells in the same media at 37' it shoudnt't really do much damage to the media.  The only thing is that if you are using antibiotics in your media (like pen/strep) they degrade after 3 days at 37' and this is one of reasons we have to change the media after 2-3 days.

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Subject: Media left at 37 C O/N?

The question regarding heating the RPMI media to 60 C brought to mind
a question I've wondered about from time to time.  If media, such as
DMEM or MEM, is left in a 37 C water bath O/N, will be ok to use it
the next day.  I have always advised people to pitch it due to the
possible degradation of L-glutamine, but I have always wondered how
much degradation actually occurs, if any.  Thanks!

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