inducible rodent ecotropic retroviral vector for siRNA?

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Sun Feb 10 16:08:50 EST 2008

Dear Experts,

actually, all what I am looking for is in the subject. We want to
express / inhbit a gene product which will among other effects,
inhibit cell cycle progression and induce apoptosis. That's why it
might be a good idea to suppress the expression of the introduced gene
while the cell line is under constrcution.

I thought of using a retroviral system (like pLNCX) for making stable
cells (murine or rat myoblast and preadipocyte cell lines) first and
then induce the gene expression/knockdown after the cells have been

Can you suggest any system that is likely to work for this purpose
(low or no leakage before induction, good induction control of
expression after induction, reasonable price of inducer - eg Tamoxifen
or similar).

Also, if someone knows of a siRNA vector (H1 or U6 promoter) that is
sort of freely available ('GPL'), I'd be grateful for any hints.

Many thanks,


hubahopp ata gmx dot de

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