Why are qPCR reagents so expensive and is there a cheaper option?

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You could try the cheaper QPCR one color systems from Bio-RAD.  They are
good enough for small labs.  The ABI systems (AB7300 and above) are too
expensive for a small college lab.  The Sybrgreen mixes should be
available cheaper from other companies (search on Biocompare.com).  Or
you can make your own kit (you should get the recipes from the web)from
sybr green and rox dyes available from Sigma or some other similar
Best of luck

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I'm trying to teach qPCR in a lab, ok the machine is really expensive
(Ab7300) but what is it about the reagents that make them cost so much
(e.g bio-rad, itaq SYBR supermix + ROX) it costs about $100 per 96 well
Is it because the reagents are patented still?  Can I make my own?
Apart from lower reaction volumes, is there anything else I can do to
reduce the costs?  Also are there more affordable qPCR machines on the
market these days?  The ab7300 is quite old now I think.


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