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check for the common lot number???
the dna yeild from qiagen columns are not going to be same from every
column..however they will surely not differ drastically.
i have used QIA100, 500 but not 1000.


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> Crampton <scrampto from uci.edu> wrote:
> >We have been using the Qiagen high speed maxi prep kit to isolate
> >plasmid DNA for a while and have had some problems.  We have
> >standardized our growth time and pretty much always prep high copy
> >plasmids such as PcDNA.  The problem is that sometimes we get 1 mg of
> >DNA and sometimes we get no DNA at all!  My wife (in a separate lab)
> >has also had this problem and they did a side by side comparison (2
> >different columns, same cultures, etc) and one had 0.8mg and the other
> >no DNA.  Has anyone else had a similar yield problem with this kit?
> That's pretty odd. Of all things, the columns would be the last
> thing I'd blame. You can be 99.999% sure they are packed with
> the same ion exchanger!
> Is it possible some of them are not wetted properly? If I suspected
> this being the case, I'd wash the column with ethanol and then water
> before proceeding with the protocol.
> Personally, I've never experienced any yield problems with
> Qiagen's Maxi preps.
> DK
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