Can you heat RPMI 1640?

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum via (by engelbert_buxbaum from
Mon Feb 18 11:12:25 EST 2008

Am 07.02.2008, 08:39 Uhr, schrieb Kamalian, Laleh  
<L.Kamalian from>:

> I have found the concentration of the components and every thing else.   
> The only problem is how to dissolve methylcellulose in the media.  I  
> found out that I have to add warm (60 ' C) liquid to the powder and let  
> it cool down while stirring.  But can I heat RPMI 1640 media to 60"?  I  
> couldn't find the answer on the net.

I would produce a 10 or 20 x stock solution of Methylcellulose in water  
and autoclave to get it sterile. Then use 10 x RPMI (commercially  
available or prepared from powder) to make the final medium.

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