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I was a apoptosis researcher. In my suggestion, H2O2 is radical scavenger,
It is very toxic for mice. However you could induce apoptosis in vivo . It
depends on
concentration or dosage of drugs. So you can use some regents or drugs in
vivo experiments.
Some apoptosis inducer drugs could find the internet resources, please refer
FDA homepage and publications.

Flavonoid is not toxic for mice,  some flavonoids could induce apoptosis in
vitro experiment,
Some of cancer researcher pursuit the apoptosis in cancer cell line.
You could also find many publications in cancer, Cancer Research and so on.

In my knowledge, you could induce apoptosis in vivo to use chemical drugs

This is only my opinion.

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> On 19/02/2008, wxfhome from <wxfhome from> wrote:
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> > Hello!
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> > I want to test a method which can detect apoptosis in mice, and I do
> > not know how to induce apoptosis in mice. Could anyone give some
> > suggestions about the inducer and protocol? I see H2O2 can induce
> > apoptosis in cell culture.

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