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Aawara Chowdhury wrote:
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>  ChenHA <hzhen from freeuk.com> wrote:
>> Certainly from the evidence more intelligent than you.  Which bit of the 
>> "unwarranted assumption on primer concentration and length" don't you 
>> understand?  What is the length of primers used?  You don't know (mine 
>> are usually more than 30 but less than 60, very occasionally 80 or 
>> more).  Do they fold back?  Possibly, or perhaps they form loops, or 
>> whatever (and very probably, these have no relevance to what happened in 
>> hot reactions compare to what might happen in a room temperature gel). 
>> Do they form primer dimer in the reaction, maybe, maybe not, but from my 
>> own experience they usually aren't primer dimers (and they may indeed 
>> form dimer in gel, but that may have no relevance to what happened in 
>> the reaction).  You are arguing from no experience, read a few things 
>> then spouting off about things you have no experience of.
>> Idiot.
> Highly unlikely you have primers that dimerize so stably that they bind
> ethidium.  And if they did, they'd be very poor as primers for PCR.
> Nonethess, your name-calling doesn't remove the fact that you continue
> to claim, in the face of plenty of publications demonstrating the latter,
> that single-stranded primers bind EtBr.
> Wonder what your reaction is like to critiques of manuscripts, if you've
> submitted any.

Jesus, you are dim.

> AC

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