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> Aawara Chowdhury wrote:
>> In <nYKwj.530$Td5.229 from newsfe07.lga>,
>>  DK <dk from no.email.thankstospam.net> wrote:
>>> Interesting. I never thought about it. Will do this control next time I 
>>> PCR something. I suppose not adding template will be a good way to make 
>>> amplification inefficient :-)
>> There's an old paper in Nucleic Acids Research that describes the
>> formation of primer-dimers and a method to eliminate their formation.
>> The elimination of primer-dimer accumulation in PCR, Nuc. Acids Res.
>> 25: 3235-3241 (1995).
>> AC
> You think you still have any credibility left here?  Idiot.

I have often noticed exactly what DK is talking about (and which sounds like 
what youa re talking about too), like him I also assumed they were unused 
primers. I also noticed that the band is not always present, and the amount 
of DNA synthesised is not large enough to account for the removal of all the 
primers... But I never thought too much about it, and just carried on with 
the job at hand.
What Aawara says makes sense to me, and because I'm curious, I'll run the 
reaction without Taq just to see.
There's no need to get personal about this sort of thing.

About credibility...
I think the person who resorts to personal insults stands a higher chance to 
lose it, rather than the person who merely disagrees about an explanation 
and provides arguments to support his view. But then, maybe I'm an idiot 


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