PCR Problem Debate/Foolishness

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> > Is it truly necessary to fill our mail boxes with the argument between
> to
> > people? Have them take it out of this public forum which is supposed to
> be
> > for science, not egos. I doubt anyone, including the original poster of
> > the problem, has gained any useful information from this debate.
> > Jenna
> When subscribing to a list it's a good idea to set up a filter so that all
> messages from teh list go to its own folder, without "soiling" your
> beautiful inbox. Just a friendly suggestion. It makes it easier to skip
> what
> you don't want to read.

yes, I agree as well .... ..but then just the heated debate made me read
all the responses (perhaps just a case of perverse curiosity  ;)) ...I
wonder why Chen is so vehement about the primer story, perhaps he spent a
huge amout of time trying to tease out the "mystery of the appearing band",
and perhaps has data on it......but, I definitely think AC has a point .....
although, I would like to point out that there is a general belief, or
should I say "wisdom", passed on as the word of mouth that  low mol weight
band in pcr runs are the primers  .... 'cause when I began doing pcrs that's
what I was told as well, and I never ever questioned it .... take home
message, I guess,  is peer wisdom is never the gospel truth :) ... thanks


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