What smear bands mean?

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well, i know (i think i know :)) about the ratios
260/280: DNA purity (ideal more than 1.6)
DNA max at 260 (i guess its because of Adenine)
RNA max at 280 (??Uridine)
260/230: i guess organic solvents have absorption maxima at 230nm..like
ethanol, phenol..isopropanol..
whats this smear band???

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> >What smear bands mean for above and below main band of DNA and PCR
> products?
> They mean other DNA molecules - although the smear above may
> mean  using bad agarose and/or overloading the gel.
> > Which one corespondent for A260, A260/A280 or A230 ratio?
> All of them. Though I am not sure about 230 - I'd imagine it's
> pretty useless regardless. (Someone please educate me if
> that's not the case).
> DK
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