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> My understanding is that Sybr Safe, just like EthBr, does NOT
> stain ssDNA!  

That is my understanding as well.  Detecting ssDNA is typically done
using a dye like YO-PRO-1 or YOYO-1

> 1. "Safe" part does not concern me in the least. EthBr is already 
> perfectly safe the way it is used. 

Absolutely no doubt that ethidium is mutagenic in a classic Ames test.
But there is no peer-reviewed published study that demonstrated
mutagenicity, carcinogenicity or teratogenicity using metazoan cells
or whole animals.  The only published study examining its mutagenicity 
in animal cells that I am aware of is by Norman Drinkwater (who I 
believe is at UW-Madison), and he did not find it to be mutagenic.

> 4. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Sybr Safe slightly less
> sensitive than EthBr? At least that's couple people who actually use 
> it told me. 


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