PCR Problem Debate/Foolishness

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> Pow Joshi wrote:
>> yes, I agree as well .... ..but then just the heated debate made me read
>> all the responses (perhaps just a case of perverse curiosity  ;)) ...I
>> wonder why Chen is so vehement about the primer story, perhaps he spent a
>> huge amout of time trying to tease out the "mystery of the appearing 
>> band",
>> and perhaps has data on it......but, I definitely think AC has a point 
>> .....
> Oh, wise one, which one would that be?  The irrelevant explanation for an 
> observation?  The nonsensical assertion about how primers at two very 
> temperatures would behave the same?  The absence of publications to 
> support his idiotic words on how primers can't dimerise stably?
> I sincerely hope that you don't become an examiner for aspiring graduate. 
> If someone can come out with idiotic words like that, lacking any 
> understanding of the basics, and then you will say that he has a point and 
> not fail him on the spot, you are as bad as that student.


I never thought I'd have to use the killfile on this group... but here it 
is. Have fun.


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