Antibody Problems

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Wed Jan 9 02:44:49 EST 2008

> I'm not sure if I can get them to do it all over again. It takes too
> much time and I am trying to beat a deadline.


In that case, as a fast and almost certainly working approach, you
might try to screen a phage display library displaying single-chain
antibodies (eg from NEB or the Tomlinson Library or whatever you can
get hold of) against your antigen. Then use the phages or the derived
single-chains (which usually have a His tag or so) to hybridize to
your blot. Detect with anti-His or anti-phage antibodies. Should be
practicable in less than 4 weeks.

Concerning the company which provided you that nice serum: They should
return you at least your money or even offer you or your lab three
free immunizations. With a prior check of the rabbits, as DK
suggested. Actually, that's so obvious. Why is nobody ever considering
that? One needs just a few drops of serum for this easy test.

Best of luck,


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