Calculating Protein Concentration

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Hi guys,
First off thanks to all who gave me help, much appreciated since nobody in
the lab could help.  Second of all if someone had told me to treat it like
sodium chloride I too would have been able to do the maths.  Finally I only
graduated last year and it's not something I have ever had to do before and
the spirit of unfriendliness which has greeted my question doesn't really
prompt me to ask more, how do you expect people to learn the basics if they
don't ask?  And how are they meant to ask if all they're going to get is

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I too thought this question seemed so silly, and to investigate the
simplicity of the answer:


I searched "Dalton definition" at <> 


Looking for an .edu site I found:


Dalton = measure of molecular weight or mass. One hydrogen atom has mass of
1 Da. Proteins and other macromolecule molecular weights are usually
measured in kDa or kD (kilodaltons) - 1000 Da. From
( <>


I didn't know the exact answer in the beginning, but from the definition it
is a simple conversion problem.  


Freshmen with general chemistry could solve this.  Simple laziness.




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Dear AK,


seems that even at famous Oxford either the students or the teaching

have become worse...


Actually, this stuff is a sort of "first day, first lesson's

knowledge" in

almost any subject related to natural science. More to worry, a PhD

(!) student in my lab asked me exactly the same question a few days

ago, too. The funny thing is, when I told him to treat the problem the

same way as to make a sodium chloride solution, he could solve the

problem instantly.


What makes me especially worry is that this kind of questions in this

NG constantly seems to increase. I do not think it just lazyness, as

for a newbie to find this NG on the web, usually, you need to have

done some googling before on behalf of your actual problem. My

impression is that many of those girls&guys really don't know how to

solve their problems and somehow manage to discover the bionet.


Hey students, please comment on this, your opinion and experience is

wanted here!!! Did nobody teach you these things, do you not know

where to find this kind of textbooks and lessens or are you really

just lazy?


Hey experts, is there any book/website/pdf/etc like {Mathematics,

Chemistry, Logical Thinking, Statistics, Planning Experiments and

Evaluating Experimental Data} in {Biochemistry, Molecular Biology,

Life Science} for Dummies?


Any ideas?





On 18 Jan., 18:40, "AK" <akhan... from> wrote:

> It is amazing to me that this basic question was honored here, perhaps

> she is from Oxford. I remember not too long ago a student was hammered to

> death because of asking a basic question of plant extraction. UNFAIR.

> AK




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