Calculating Protein Concentration

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On 21/01/2008, DK <dk from> wrote:
> In article <mailman.245.1200935329.2451.methods from>, "Yvonne
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> >Hi guys,
> >First off thanks to all who gave me help, much appreciated since nobody
> in
> >the lab could help.  Second of all if someone had told me to treat it
> like
> >sodium chloride I too would have been able to do the maths.  Finally I
> only
> >graduated last year and it's not something I have ever had to do before
> and
> >the spirit of unfriendliness which has greeted my question doesn't really
> >prompt me to ask more, how do you expect people to learn the basics if
> they
> >don't ask?
> Yvonne,
> Please don't feel offended and understand that there was NOTHING
> personal in numerous replies to your question!!!
> The "unfriendly" replies were not directed to you but, rather, were
> intended to highlight pathetic state of education in modern
> science, biology in particular.
> That you say that no one in the lab could help you
> is MIND BOGGLING. Quite seriously - this is a stuff from
> high school chemistry!!! In ideal world, anyone who managed
> to not completely understand it must be expelled from any
> college! Simply because it is an equivalent of mathematics
> major having troubles with - uh, I don't know - short integral?
> - multiplication table?
> That you apparently had bad teachers who allowed you
> to successfully go through things that require this knowledge
> without acquiring it is most certainly not your problem and
> I don't think any single reply said that. It's a tragedy of many
> modern societies. And I am afraid we will be paying dearly
> for it down the road. Dumbing down higher education is
> one of the shortest ways to a societal suicide.
> I believe your previous posts in this group that dealt with
> common lab troubleshooting and protocols have never
> elicited responses that you now call unfriendly. The reason
> is very simple - they were "normal". Your latest question
> was anything but normal, so it should come as no surprise
> that the responses were "abnormal", too.

..I wholeheartedly agree wih DK..... xcept that I would also say that it is
never too late to begin doing exactly what "StewJW" suggested about
"applying ones knowledge" ...and that is surely independent of the teachers,
is dependent on ones own understanding .... Please, this is not meant to be
patronizing, just a simple suggestion that common snse goes a long way...
imagine if we were to be re-learning the same things again and again and yet
again .... boy, would it be one boring learning cycle ;) ....

...and this is a general comment:  I one also sees very clearly, that
science is , as again someone has already suggested,  fast becoming a game
of numbers and rote "doing" rather than anything to do with any kind of
thought process or intellect that gives rise to hypothesis and
predictions....  it is as well that one invented robots to do ones bidding
(which may, very well,  replace the numerous postdocs and technicians that
the universities and industries employ) ... it is the age of "brute force" I


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