Calculating Protein Concentration

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> >Hi guys,
> >First off thanks to all who gave me help, much appreciated since nobody
> in
> >the lab could help.  Second of all if someone had told me to treat it
> like
> >sodium chloride I too would have been able to do the maths.  Finally I
> only
> >graduated last year and it's not something I have ever had to do before
> and
> >the spirit of unfriendliness which has greeted my question doesn't really
> >prompt me to ask more, how do you expect people to learn the basics if
> they
> >don't ask?
> Yvonne,
> Please don't feel offended and understand that there was NOTHING
> personal in numerous replies to your question!!!
> The "unfriendly" replies were not directed to you but, rather, were
> intended to highlight pathetic state of education in modern
> science, biology in particular.
> That you say that no one in the lab could help you
> is MIND BOGGLING. Quite seriously - this is a stuff from
> high school chemistry!!! In ideal world, anyone who managed
> to not completely understand it must be expelled from any
> college! Simply because it is an equivalent of mathematics
> major having troubles with - uh, I don't know - short integral?
> - multiplication table?
> That you apparently had bad teachers who allowed you
> to successfully go through things that require this knowledge
> without acquiring it is most certainly not your problem and
> I don't think any single reply said that. It's a tragedy of many
> modern societies. And I am afraid we will be paying dearly
> for it down the road. Dumbing down higher education is
> one of the shortest ways to a societal suicide.
> I believe your previous posts in this group that dealt with
> common lab troubleshooting and protocols have never
> elicited responses that you now call unfriendly. The reason
> is very simple - they were "normal". Your latest question
> was anything but normal, so it should come as no surprise
> that the responses were "abnormal", too.
> DK
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