BSA in bacterial growth media?

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum via (by engelbert_buxbaum from
Thu Jan 24 15:55:07 EST 2008

Am 22.01.2008, 04:26 Uhr, schrieb WS <novalidaddress from>:

> just have read in the cuurent kanamycin thread that BSA can be
> included in bacterial media formulations.
> Not having known that, I wonder now if I could convert some very crude
> BSA into bacterial food. Any comments?
> Wo
> (having 1kg of almost black powder labeled BSA on the shelve,
> accidentally bought with the intention to use it for blocking
> westerns ...)

BSA is not particularly good as a blocking agent (milk powder of fish skin  
gelatin are good), so feel free to find other uses for it ;-)

Bacteria will use the amino acids contained in this protein. I would  
normally consider BSA too expensive for that purpose (trypton is commonly  
used) but since you have some around...

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