Calculating Protein Concentration

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> Hi guys,
> First off thanks to all who gave me help, much appreciated since nobody in
> the lab could help.


nobody in the lab knew the answer???

that's very worrying, if true.

> Second of all if someone had told me to treat it like
> sodium chloride I too would have been able to do the maths.  Finally I 
> only
> graduated last year and it's not something I have ever had to do before 
> and
> the spirit of unfriendliness which has greeted my question doesn't really
> prompt me to ask more, how do you expect people to learn the basics if 
> they
> don't ask?  And how are they meant to ask if all they're going to get is
> patronized?
> Y.

You are right.

It was a basic question. I remember looking at what molecules, Avogadro, 
moles etc in high school. A simple concept that once grasped, it stays. 
Okay, maybe some people have to wait till their undergrad years and re-learn 
there... I'm surprised somebody is able to pass their basic chemistry s an 
undergrad and not grasp these concepts... But at teh end of the day, I'd 
rather have someone asking a question than not.
It is not right to patronise you for asking a question like this. But I 
don't think you were exactly patronised. A number of people have expressed 
surprise at how somebody at the level you are didn't know this. I don't know 
you, but you are probably a reasonably intelligent person. So a question 
like this it's surprising... but that's all.
Some people will treat the ignorance of others to putthem down, tomake them 
beel bigger. Ignore them. You'll come across them. They cannot be avoided... 
but one grows a thick skin, and learns who to pay attention to and who to 
ignore... and even arrogant bastards have sometimes something useful and 
interesting to say. In other words, scientists are just human, with the same 
defects as the population at large.

I suppose that generating a thread like this might make one feel a bit 
"shy", and put off.
Don't let it get to you. It's not a big deal. Take the useful information, 
ignore teh rest. Actually, it's just like reading papers... you don't just 
read what's written and accept it... you read it critically and judge 
whether the conclusions of teh authors truly reflect what the experiments 
demonstrate. You accept some, and some you put in the "hmmm, not fully 
convinced yet, but thanks" bag. YOU decide. You have to think for yourself, 
which is not the same as being isolated and not communicating. Ask any 
question, by all means, but it's usually a good habit to think a bit about 
it by yourself, if you can. You learn more that way. But you always learn 
more by asking than by not aking... if somebody sneers... that's their 
problem, and you are solving yours.

ok, I'll stop now :)


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