Calculating Protein Concentration

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> Am 22.01.2008, 14:19 Uhr, schrieb Tom Anderson <ucgatan from>:
>> It would be grimly ironic if it was the latter. Group leaders here
>> are constantly urging us larvae to postdoc in the US, to learn the
>> 'American style of doing science', implying it's some master secret
>> that will  unlock successful careers. Perhaps it's the exact
>> opposite. 
> The most important thing is to do a Postdoc abroad. Ideal would be to
> do  it in a country with a language different from your native one.
> However,  since many native English speakers never bothered to master
> another  language they have to take the second best solution to go to
> another  English speaking country with at least a different culture.
> And GB and US  are countries separated by their common language.

Yes, the verb "to table" means opposite things in British and American 

As a biochemistry major in Utrecht, I worked in a lipid biochemistry lab.  
In Van Deenen's lab the day to day language was of course Dutch, but 
presentations by "native" as well as foreign investigators were always in 
"English", be the presenter British, French, Portuguese, Polish, German, 
or American.  Sometimes the verbal parts went faster, sometimes slower.

The scientific part of the language was universal.

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