Increment of mRNA level after siRNA

Kamalian, Laleh via (by L.Kamalian from
Thu Jan 31 09:24:48 EST 2008

Thanks to people who helped me last time.  This time its not a desperate question.  Only to ask your opinions.  I have successfully used a plasmid vector to subside the mRNA level of the gene I'm working on.  I used 4 different oligonucleotides to insert into the plasmid and used them to target my gene.  Although most of the plasmids have successfully decreased the mRNA level (different levels of course), one of the clones has actually increased the level of the gene's mRNA.  I can't explain it.  Some of my colleagues suggest the compensatory mechanisms of the cell.  I think its simply not being knocked down or maybe an error in real time PCR? I had seen this before working on another cell line.  What do you think?

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