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Wed Jul 9 22:36:53 EST 2008

Dear DK and Han,

thanks so much for your helpful feedback. Indeed, now I understand it
is not a waste of either Trypsin or EDTA. With responses like this
newsgroups get another dimension in science. Thank a lot again!


On Jul 8, 5:24 pm, Lara <eudo... from> wrote:
> Hello there folks,
> I use for some endothelial cells trpsin/edta and according to the
> protocol I have to pipette in 5 ml trypsin/edta and then immediately
> remove 4.5 ml and leave the rest for a couple of minutes. Does anyone
> know why? Isn't this simply a waste of trypsin?
> Furthermore, is there any place where I can find detailed info about
> trypsin in particular? Thanks for any info.
> Cheers,
> Lara

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