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Fri Jul 11 01:30:45 EST 2008

DK wrote:
> In article <6dljquF36jrlU1 from>, Kyle Legate <legatek from> wrote:
>> Lara wrote:
>>> Dear DK and Han,
>>> thanks so much for your helpful feedback. Indeed, now I understand it
>>> is not a waste of either Trypsin or EDTA. With responses like this
>>> newsgroups get another dimension in science. Thank a lot again!
>> It most certainly is a waste of trypsin/EDTA. If what DK says is true
> Which is certainly true: it is an undeniable fact that serum contains
> alpha2-macrglobulin and medium contains ~ 2 mM of Mg2+ and 
> Ca2+.

I'm not denying it.

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