detect splice variants in living cell

Peter Ellis via (by pjie2 from
Mon Jul 14 09:28:05 EST 2008

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008, DK wrote:
> Peter Ellis <pjie2 from> wrote:
>> I don't see the necessity for incorporating a reporter tag into the gene -
>> would it not be simpler to raise an antibody specifically to the variant
>> splice isoform?
> That's not going to be quantitative. Any two polyclonals
> are going to give different results.

Not sure the OP was asking for something quantitative.  My reading is that 
he wants some way to label the particular splice variants so that they can 
be distinguished from each other within a living cell - perhaps to check 
if there are subcellular localisation differences between variants?

It would help if we knew why the cells need to be living rather than 


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